What Causes Nerve Pain & Nerve Damage?

Before we understand what causes nerve pain, it is important to understand the nervous system. The nervous system is involved in all of the activities of your body, right from blood circulation, breathing, sensory functions etc. Nerves are classified into 3 main types – autonomic, motor and sensory nerves. The autonomic nerves are responsible for voluntary activities of the body while the motor nerves control the movements and actions of your body. Sensory nerves have sensory functions like touch. Nerve damage can have serious effects on your normal life and the main answer to what causes nerve pain and severe other troubles.

what causes nerve pain

What causes nerve pain?

What causes nerve pain is a very complex question. More than 100 types of nerve pain and damages have been recorded which can have different causes and symptoms. Following are some of the most common factors that reasons what causes nerve pain

Autoimmune Diseases

Several types of autoimmune diseases like Guillain Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and inflammatory bowel disease what causes nerve pain.


Nerve pain and damage can also be caused by cancer in several ways. Some cancer types can bring about nutritional deficiency, which may affect the proper functioning of the nerves. Also, chemotherapy and radiation treatments can have an adverse effect on nerves.


Compression of nerves or trauma can also be a major cause of nerve damage. Trauma may include conditions like pinched nerves, crush injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome.

What Causes Nerve Pain in Diabetic Patients

Almost 70% of the people suffering from diabetes also suffer from nerve pain. This is because the sugar molecules release free radicals which lead to nerve damage. In diabetes, there is no control of blood sugar level by insulin and this leads to an increase in a number of free radicals and also nerve damage and nerve pain.

This condition is termed as diabetic neuropathy. This is a serious condition and it affects all the 3 types of neurons. The nerve pain caused by diabetes mostly occurs in sensory nerves which may lead to a burning sensation or numbness. Medical help must be taken in case of nerve pain associated with diabetes. What causes nerve pain in diabetics is actually high blood sugar levels.

common factors that reasons what causes nerve pain

What Causes Nerve Pain Apart From These Conditions?

Apart from the above-mentioned conditions and diseases, nerve pain is also caused by consumption of drugs and other toxic substances which can lead to side effects. Nutritional deficiencies, motor neuron diseases, and infectious diseases like herpes, HIV, hepatitis C can also lead to nerve pain and eventually to nerve damage.

So now we understand what causes nerve pain. Nerve pain may seem to be a small problem, but it can aggravate in the long term and cause serious complications. It is best to prevent these conditions and it can be done with the help of proper and balanced diet as well as nerve supplements. However, if you do suffer from continuous nerve pain, make sure that you consult your physician before you take any pain medication. Visit https://nervepainremedies.com for related articles. You can also buy nerve renew supplements and keep your nerves healthy and safe from damage.