Looking for more health information and resources? Check out this list of useful resources that we recommend.

The World Health Organization – The World Health Organization (WHO) was created to build a healthier future for our planet and raise awareness of current health risks happening in the world today. With other 150 offices all over the world, WHO works with governments to bring the highest level of health awareness.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plays a major role in the U.S. Department of Health. They help promote awareness of current health issues and aid in support for local communities looking for answers to various health risks and conditions.

Mayo Clinic – The prestige Mayo Clinic is a strong none-for-profit organization that helps provide extensive education through thorough research. Their mission is to help educate the population and make well-information health decisions for their care and treatment.

National Cancer Institute – The National Cancer Institute is the largest Cancer research center in the United State. The NCI provides well-researched information on the latest studies and treatment regarding clinical trials, procedures, and cancer treatment.

MedlinePlus – As a national health website, MedlinePlus provides an extensive library solely based on medical issues to help readers find up to date information regarding the various health issues, diseases, conditions, and treatment. The site is free to use and provides reliable information to make you make informed decisions.

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