Passing a Blood Drug Test in 24-Hours

Have you been accosted by a surprise blood drug test by authority figures, and you have 24 hours to come clean?

There are instances where you may be required to submit a blood sample to test for drugs. This may be in case of an accident investigation.

While drug use in the workplace isn’t condoned, no one should be forced into taking a drug test without a concrete reason, not mere suspicion.

taking a drug test

Why Blood Tests?

Blood drug tests are usually the most accurate lab tests to determine drug use. The drug components will be present if the person is a regular heavy user.

The metabolites also have half-lives that will last for a while, some for as long as two weeks!

Blood tests are also accurate because there is very little you can do to alter the blood. You can fake a urine test, and you certainly can mess with your hair to remove any residue that can be used as evidence.

Your blood will rely on the liver to cleanse it, and that takes its own length of time depending on the substance being used.

While cheating isn’t forgiven during the drug tests, there are sneaky ways you can employ to come out clean.

What Options Do You Have?

Either way, you have a pending drug test coming up, and they require a blood sample. You are also aware that you recreationally smoked some pot during a party, but you aren’t a troublemaker. What options do you have?

You can request for a urine test: This may or may not work, but it’s worth a shot. A blood test for THC, the active component in marijuana, is detectable for up to two days.

However, a urine test cannot prove that you were under the influence at the time of the test and thus leaves you room to wiggle out of it.

For an occasional user, the THC levels will fall below detectable levels after about eight hours. Urine samples will detect use for a much longer period, but will not determine that you were high at the time of the tests.

Stuck With a Blood Test

If you can’t wiggle out of a blood test, then you may have to work with technicalities. The most viable option at this point is a detox product.

Detox products will remove any detectable substance from your system. Also, it will work to restore natural substances that should be present in your system, called markers.

Lab technicians will also look out for deficiency of these markers, and if they are missing, they will determine that you flushed your system to beat the test. To repeat; you will not be forgiven for cheating a drug test.

flush the drugs out of your system

You Can Still Beat the Test

Thankfully, there are a number of products available to detox your system on such short notice. Products like Insta-Clean will detox your system after using about three capsules only.

Not only will it flush the drugs out of your system, but it will also restore the natural markers to their normal levels.

What’s more, you can easily access the detox product by visiting this website and ordering your detox therapy for awesome prices.

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