Health Problems Caused by Molds

A lot of health problems can be prevented with regular exercise and having proper diet. We can make ourselves more protected by having a healthy lifestyle. However, there are always health problems with factors we can’t control or know immediately such as health problems caused by mold.

There are however ways and means of knowing how you can prevent having health problems caused by mold. Knowing first what a mold is and its causes and symptoms can help you be safe from the peril.

the health risk of mold infection to your body

What are molds?

Mold is a fungus that can may found in your home. Usually, they flourish in humid areas. Molds produce spores and these micro toxins can cause us serious health problems when breathed in.

When symptoms of mold toxicity occur to you, make sure to have yourself checked as well as your home to get treatment and be rid of exposure to mold toxins. Molds can cause very serious health consequences if left unchecked.

Health Problems Caused by Mold

Mold can cause so many health problems and they can be from mild to debilitating. After symptoms occur and you continue to breathe in mold, you can develop respiratory problems which will even worsen over time. If you live in an older home or in humid environments, you may be prone to mold toxicity.

If symptoms appear, have your home and yourself checked for mold infection. Over time, if not treated, you will develop severe debilitating health problems. Asthma can be developed due to mold toxicity. Mold create spores and those toxins when inhaled can be carried into your lungs and permeate your air sacs.

If fluid in the air sacs accumulate, the condition worsens. Through the bloodstream, mold toxins can get through the network of the brain. It can also breach into the nervous system.

The micro toxins can affect the passage of signals between brain cells causing fuzzy thinking and disruption of memory. Molds have also been associated to certain types of cancer. Go to a doctor right away and have mold infection treated.

Symptoms Caused by Mold Toxicity

Itchy nose and throat – this may be the first signs that you have mold toxicity. It may indicate that you are exposed to mold.
Headaches – If you get headaches frequently and you know it’s not from a migraine or stress and the pain covers just your entire head, that can be due to mold symptoms.
Chronic Fatigue – If you are chronically tired every day, that can also be due to mold toxicity. If you regularly have fuzzy thinking or poor memory performance, that can be a mold related symptom.
Fever – If you get sick, tired or your body temperature just raise often times, that can be due to molds.

the signs and symptoms of mold infection

Mold toxicity is an issue for a lot of people especially those that live or moved into older homes or those who live in humid environments. Be alert when a symptom of mold infection may be present and see a doctor if the symptom does seem mold related.

Do not take symptoms lightly for mold infections worsen over time. See and doctor and also have your house checked for molds. Health problems caused by mold should be avoided at all cost.