Most Common Treatments for Neuropathy

How do you know if you have neuropathy? Neuropathy literally means sickness of the nervous system. When you find yourself spontaneously just losing balance even while standing still, you may neuropathy. If you have involuntary profuse sweating even if you’re not moving, or how about the numbness in your hands and feet.How do you know

These are just the motor skills that I’ve mentioned. Neuropathy also affects the sensory skills that you have; for example, the ability to know if an object is hot or cold is somewhat diminished or in extreme cases, totally gone. In other instances, neuropathy attacks the autonomic nerves, which is directly connected to your internal organs, bowel movements, and other significant internal body parts.

What causes neuropathy


If you or if someone you know is experiencing all these pain and suffering, then neuropathy is a big probability. What causes neuropathy? Well, scientists and doctors are not 100% sure about what generates neuropathy but there are a few catalysts that could jumpstart it. The most common probable condition is diabetes. However, there are other reasons that most of us are too familiar with: obesity or overweight, hypertension or high blood pressure, and if you are on the higher side of 45 years old, then the possibility is greater.

Another reason that a person can have neuropathy is when they just recently had a serious physical injury or even a blunt trauma. When these situations happen, there is a big chance that some of the nerves in our body (FYI-there are more than 10, 000) were damaged and we didn’t even know. You only had them checked when you were starting to suffer the symptoms we talk about at the beginning of this article.

Medical Interventions

This is the first option that most people who suffer from neuropathy almost always go for, and rightfully so. When the doctor or hospital diagnosed you for the ailment, they should have a treatment plan in place. Here is a big waiver though-because modern science hasn’t been able to 100% accurately pinpoint the actual cause of neuropathy, that means that the therapy methods are also more of an educated guess rather than a guaranteed cure.

Now, I’m not saying to just be done with it and die, not at all. There are treatment procedures to help prevent more nerve damage and even give you the proper medication to avoid the searing pain that goes with neuropathy. If you have vertigo or lack coordination, you might need to use a wheelchair or even just a cane. For the pain, you might be prescribed opioid painkillers, and for some, even antidepressants would be a welcome remedy.

Lifestyle Change

Saying all that, there are also natural ways of healing processes that the individual might be willing to try, though these would definitely need more discipline and patience. I’m talking about a lifestyle change. For the diabetic, this means strictly enforcing the healthy diet and regular daily exercise.

Others could use the supplemental vitamins treatment along with the obvious healthy choice of food types. For those that got the neuropathy disease through alcohol abuse, even a sip shouldn’t be allowed. A lifestyle change means that you have to maintain this new and improved way of life, no matter how hard it is.

actual cause of neuropathy

Find A Clinic

So why should you wait for the worse symptoms to appear? While you still have the energy and the positivity to look for your kind of treatment for neuropathy, do it as soon as you stop reading this article.

Look for a clinic or a medical specialist who has had extensive experience with neuropathic persons and has the expertise to guide you or know more about in choosing the best treatment for neuropathy strategically designed for your way of life.