Everything You Need to Know About Estate Lawsuit

When To File An Estate Lawsuit

Are you planning to file an estate lawsuit to settle a probate?

We never know when death comes to a person. Thus, some people prepare their last will and testament when they are still in good condition. This is to evenly distribute their properties and assets once they pass away.

However, there are cases when a deceased person was not able to file his/her last will and testament before he died. In other cases, too, some new assets acquired were not included in the will. This may lead to family members or beneficiaries to have disputes with distributing the assets.

In such situations, a court settlement for the estate plan of a deceased person can be filed in order to resolve the disputes.

When To File An Estate Lawsuit

Estate Lawsuit To Settle A Probate

Lawsuits for settling a probate are made to provide the legal actions to protect the assets of a deceased person from fraud. Consequently, it also helps solve disputes from the family members and the beneficiaries of the loved one who has passed away.

More often, a legal settlement of real property and other assets of the individual usually occurs during the sudden death of a person. If the individual died because of personal injury or a wrongful death, it is important that the remaining family members call wrongful death attorneys to help them solve estate related disputes.

These can be very similar to medical malpractice lawsuits when it comes to filing. It is always important that you speak to an attorney as we are not legal professionals and speak only from general knowledge.

When A Court Settlement For The Estate Plan Of A Deceased Person Is Raised

1. There Was No Will

When an individual has gone due to a wrongful death, there is a chance that he/she may not have left a will to the assets. The heirs and beneficiaries of the assets are the family members.

While some families may be able to discuss the distribution of the properties of the deceased individual, there are those, too, who may need legal assistance for the equal distribution of the assets. Thus, one member sues an estate lawsuit and hires an estate lawyer for a legal assistance.

2. Some Properties Are Not Included in the Will

There are cases when the individual has passed away and was not able to include other new assets acquired before his death. These assets may even worth a million or even more.

However, when the beneficiaries don’t agree on who shall inherit the property, a court settlement for the estate plan of a deceased person can be made. The legal settlement of real property and other assets helps distribute these properties fairly to the beneficiaries.

3. There Is a Fraud in the Will

There is a chance when the executor of the will may have made a fraud regarding the document. Of course, the beneficiaries and heirs should check the estate plan of their loved one.

When the heirs have found some unreasonable administering of the estate, it may lead to suing the executor. An estate lawsuit to settle a probate may be taken to settle the case.

Everything You Need to Know About Estate Lawsuit

A Legal Settlement Of Real Property And Other Assets

When there are disputes regarding the estate of a deceased person, take a litigation on it. Get an estate lawyer and settle the case with the other beneficiaries.