What Causes Nerve Pain & Nerve Damage?

Before we understand what causes nerve pain, it is important to understand the nervous system. The nervous system is involved in all of the activities of your body, right from blood circulation, breathing, sensory functions etc. Nerves are classified into 3 main types – autonomic, motor and sensory nerves. The autonomic nerves are responsible for voluntary activities of the body while the motor nerves control the movements and actions of your body. Sensory nerves have sensory functions like touch. Nerve damage can have serious effects on your normal life and the main answer to what causes nerve pain and severe other troubles.

what causes nerve pain

What causes nerve pain?

What causes nerve pain is a very complex question. More than 100 types of nerve pain and damages have been recorded which can have different causes and symptoms. Following are some of the most common factors that reasons what causes nerve pain

Autoimmune Diseases

Several types of autoimmune diseases like Guillain Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and inflammatory bowel disease what causes nerve pain.


Nerve pain and damage can also be caused by cancer in several ways. Some cancer types can bring about nutritional deficiency, which may affect the proper functioning of the nerves. Also, chemotherapy and radiation treatments can have an adverse effect on nerves.


Compression of nerves or trauma can also be a major cause of nerve damage. Trauma may include conditions like pinched nerves, crush injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome.

What Causes Nerve Pain in Diabetic Patients

Almost 70% of the people suffering from diabetes also suffer from nerve pain. This is because the sugar molecules release free radicals which lead to nerve damage. In diabetes, there is no control of blood sugar level by insulin and this leads to an increase in a number of free radicals and also nerve damage and nerve pain.

This condition is termed as diabetic neuropathy. This is a serious condition and it affects all the 3 types of neurons. The nerve pain caused by diabetes mostly occurs in sensory nerves which may lead to a burning sensation or numbness. Medical help must be taken in case of nerve pain associated with diabetes. What causes nerve pain in diabetics is actually high blood sugar levels.

common factors that reasons what causes nerve pain

What Causes Nerve Pain Apart From These Conditions?

Apart from the above-mentioned conditions and diseases, nerve pain is also caused by consumption of drugs and other toxic substances which can lead to side effects. Nutritional deficiencies, motor neuron diseases, and infectious diseases like herpes, HIV, hepatitis C can also lead to nerve pain and eventually to nerve damage.

So now we understand what causes nerve pain. Nerve pain may seem to be a small problem, but it can aggravate in the long term and cause serious complications. It is best to prevent these conditions and it can be done with the help of proper and balanced diet as well as nerve supplements. However, if you do suffer from continuous nerve pain, make sure that you consult your physician before you take any pain medication. Visit https://nervepainremedies.com for related articles. You can also buy nerve renew supplements and keep your nerves healthy and safe from damage.

homecare is more of a vacation than a profession

The Benefits of Home Care Assistance: The Reasons Why Hiring a Home Care Agency Is a Great Option for You and Your Family

1525 – A Guide to Choosing a Homecare Provider Fitting for You and Your Family

Does a relative need home care assistance? Or perhaps you do? It is you and your loved ones that are in question. That is why choosing a homecare provider is crucial. There are so many things to consider.

But first, you have to be definitive about what your wants and needs are. You should carefully consider exactly what it is that you are looking for when choosing a homecare provider. This will enable you to effectively communicate these criteria to your prospective homecare services providers the moment that you arrange for a meeting with them.

How do you know who to use when choosing a home care assistance?

the advantages of getting home care assistance today

You Are Priority: Genuine Care and Concern

When choosing a homecare provider, look at the people behind your care. From the owners and operators to the staff members, these should be individuals who you can trust completely. They should be expected to truly care for you or your loved ones and your wellbeing in general.

They should be very patient with you and your needs. That means they should not tire of serving their purpose of caring, nourishing, and providing assistance. They put into action their pledge to be of service to those in need and you are a part of this pledge. They practice what they say they are when they talk about the excellent quality of their services. This also means they need highly trained, and so they can make use of their professional and technical skills in homecare.

They ensure that you are never in discomfort under their care. They make you feel your worth, your value, that you are loved, and that you are still very much capable of achieving things, despite your specific situation or conditions.

Your care means someone needs to look after your mentally-challenged seven-year-old. This includes teaching them, assist them, helping them discover their abilities, and at the same time are able to play with them. They carefully and patiently take your ailing grandmother for a very slow stroll outside on the front yard.

You care providers need to remain vigilant and always alert when watching over you, especially when you just got out of a serious and risky surgery. They make sure that they are of great help and assistance, without discounting that you, too, should be given credit and encouraged to take part in your own progress and recovery.

You Come First: Regard for Your Utmost Safety and Security

Your homecare attendants should be thoughtful and sensitive.

When looking after your toddler, they know that the young one should be steered clear of any dangers around the house. This includes power outlets that are installed too low and easy to access on the wall. This could also mean the stairs, sharp kitchen utensils, or the corners of a table that is just about the child’s height.

Your homecare provider needs to be respectful and courteous in their choice of words.

They keep their calm and composure, even when your teenaged son, who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is throwing a tantrum.

They respond to you and to every situation that they find themselves in spontaneously, yet immediately and accordingly.

homecare is more of a vacation than a profession

You Are a Mission: Homecare Is More a Vocation Than a Profession

Your homecare specialists are of great contribution to the society already. They are highly skilled professionals who choose to help people who would be strangers to them, but instead, they consider to be clients whom they respect, and at the same time, family who they are caring for. They care for your home like it was their own.

At the end of the day, these homecare provider specialists make it about you, first and foremost, and it brings them content and peace to be in your service.

When choosing a homecare provider the must have all of the features that you are seeking, then it is time to do your homework. Time to get on background checks!

Are the specialists of the homecare provider you are eyeing to hire licensed? Does the homecare agency have updated accreditation from the government, and other medical and professional institutions and organizations? Do they have updated permits to operate? How long have they been in the industry of homecare services? What is their reputation? Are there any records of malpractice, or any other complaints from previous clients?

Consider too the proximity of the homecare provider to your residence. Although, a great homecare provider reaches out, goes out of its way and goes the distance. This means figuratively and literally. They do this in order to serve despite the location of the home it is to foster and care for.

Choosing a homecare provider is imperative, so choose an all-encompassing one. Choose Partners for Home. At Partners for Home, you truly are home; only with the added attention necessary for your nurturing.

Health Problems Caused by Molds

A lot of health problems can be prevented with regular exercise and having proper diet. We can make ourselves more protected by having a healthy lifestyle. However, there are always health problems with factors we can’t control or know immediately such as health problems caused by mold.

There are however ways and means of knowing how you can prevent having health problems caused by mold. Knowing first what a mold is and its causes and symptoms can help you be safe from the peril.

the health risk of mold infection to your body

What are molds?

Mold is a fungus that can may found in your home. Usually, they flourish in humid areas. Molds produce spores and these micro toxins can cause us serious health problems when breathed in.

When symptoms of mold toxicity occur to you, make sure to have yourself checked as well as your home to get treatment and be rid of exposure to mold toxins. Molds can cause very serious health consequences if left unchecked.

Health Problems Caused by Mold

Mold can cause so many health problems and they can be from mild to debilitating. After symptoms occur and you continue to breathe in mold, you can develop respiratory problems which will even worsen over time. If you live in an older home or in humid environments, you may be prone to mold toxicity.

If symptoms appear, have your home and yourself checked for mold infection. Over time, if not treated, you will develop severe debilitating health problems. Asthma can be developed due to mold toxicity. Mold create spores and those toxins when inhaled can be carried into your lungs and permeate your air sacs.

If fluid in the air sacs accumulate, the condition worsens. Through the bloodstream, mold toxins can get through the network of the brain. It can also breach into the nervous system.

The micro toxins can affect the passage of signals between brain cells causing fuzzy thinking and disruption of memory. Molds have also been associated to certain types of cancer. Go to a doctor right away and have mold infection treated.

Symptoms Caused by Mold Toxicity

Itchy nose and throat – this may be the first signs that you have mold toxicity. It may indicate that you are exposed to mold.
Headaches – If you get headaches frequently and you know it’s not from a migraine or stress and the pain covers just your entire head, that can be due to mold symptoms.
Chronic Fatigue – If you are chronically tired every day, that can also be due to mold toxicity. If you regularly have fuzzy thinking or poor memory performance, that can be a mold related symptom.
Fever – If you get sick, tired or your body temperature just raise often times, that can be due to molds.

the signs and symptoms of mold infection

Mold toxicity is an issue for a lot of people especially those that live or moved into older homes or those who live in humid environments. Be alert when a symptom of mold infection may be present and see a doctor if the symptom does seem mold related.

Do not take symptoms lightly for mold infections worsen over time. See and doctor and also have your house checked for molds. Health problems caused by mold should be avoided at all cost.