The Kinds of Shea Butter: A Guide Before Buying Bulk Shea Butter

Shea butter is made and extracted from the nuts of shea trees. It is a versatile product which can be edible and be used for cooking food, and can also be a component in skin and hair care products. It is important to be guided on its difference types before you purchase bulk shea butter as it will greatly depend on your perspective purposes and uses.

This variety of the product is identified and determined by how it has been produced and whether it is for food or for cosmetics. In order to learn these types of product, let us first discuss how it is concocted.

important things to note before buying bulk shea butter

How Shea Butter Is Produced

The shea nuts are first air-dried. After which, their hard outer covers are peeled off. The flesh of the dried shea nuts is ground using a machine although back in the day grinding of shea nuts was performed manually with mortar and pestle.

Once completely ground without any clumps or tufts, the product is then roasted. This phase of roasting the crushed shea nuts is basically where the aroma of the butter which we have now originate from. After roasting, the product is then boiled in water and during the process, the butter surfaces and floats atop the waters is scooped and will then be ready for use.

This is basically how shea butter is produced. Other elective processes involved are the filtering of the butter to rid of residue and other impurities, and the treatment to rid of its roasted smell or to change its color.

The Types of Shea Butter


Raw shea butter is one of the types of shea butter. As its name suggests, it is raw and has not undergone any forms of filtration processes, not even through a cloth. The product comes in the form of a paste and is placed in a tub or jar without having to take the shape of the container. Because it has not been filtered in any way, its color is deep yellow and does not lather unless placed over heat.


Unrefined kind is another one of the types of shea butter that are commonly confused with the raw one. They may have similarities after all. However, the difference lies in that the filtration process of unrefined bulk shea butter is performed for as long as the process would not affect or rid it of the qualities of the raw kind. This is done by way of filtering through cloth.

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Refined bulk shea butter has gone through processes to rid it of its roasted odor and change its composition and properties. It is most common for the refined kind to be added with preservative and other fragrances. It is generally smooth, silky and with much lighter color relative to the raw kind although it is no longer considered as healthy because the processes it has undergone have eliminate the natural nutrients it used to contain.

Which product will you purchase and will be fitting for your needs? There are other wholesale body butter offered which you can buy too and other variants based on its main components.